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Personal dimension of style

The #PersonalStyleDimension project is a brand news service available exclusively to Złote Tarasy customers. The project was created for clients from all walks of life and interests, including business people, those who lead a healthy and active lifestyle, and all those who follow trends.

Złote Tarasy offers three different stylists at their disposal, an extraordinary fashion team which is dedicated to meeting the needs of its clients.  The team takes care of a wide range of complex services. The shopping centre has created a unique space for those meetings with fashion consultants, including via social media, like Facebook or Instagram.

The face and leader of the project is OSA – Monika Jurczyk, the first Personal Shopper in Poland, as well as the author of books, ‘Be divine’ and ‘The boss of your wardrobe’. Monika supervises the project.      Along with two excellent stylists, Gosia Kuniewicz and Marta Pożarlik, the stylist team is able to create an once in a lifetime experience for shoppers.This innovative creation is what makes this service so exclusive on the market. A longer shopping experience, starting with a  consultation with a member of the team over a delicious cup of coffee to better understand the client’s needs, for those who want to update their style or highlight a particular element that is crucial to their sense of style.

For those who lead busy lives, we have prepared an option for fashion consultations online. A Live Chat with Marta Pożarlik, is broadcast every second Thursday at 18.00. It will be available via the Facebook fan page of Złote Tarasy as a livestream and interactive video. During the Live Chat you can ask Marta any and all questions you have about fashion and the tricks of the trade.

#PersonallyAboutFashion is a series of online consultations led by Gosia Kuniewicz. This option is for those who are cannot find time for a face-to-face meeting. Gosia will answer your questions by e-mail.

Another facet of the project is a series of inspirational workshops led by Monika Jurczyk. During these workshops, the participants have the opportunity to learn how to manage their wardrobe, their personal body type, as well as different fashion and style personalities. Participants will also get advice about their own fashion image. This entire workshop is paired with an amazing shopping experience with a stylist for select clients.

And coming very soon, we will also invite you to the #PersonalStyleAcademy, a series of fashion tutorials conducted by Monika Jurczyk. Remember to follow our events carefully, as the Academy will be paired with a Fashion Contest.

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