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Games Workshop

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Hobby Centres are Games Workshop's own retail outlets. Each store provides gaming and painting facilities and is staffed by expert hobbyists.
Full range of products

All our Hobby Centres stock a full range of Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer and The Lord of The Rings games and models as well as all the hobby materials you need to collect, build and paint your armies.
In-store order point

All our Hobby Centres also have a webstore order point through which you can choose from our entire range of Citadel miniatures, including the Specialist Games and Collectors ranges and the ever-expanding range of Bitz Packs which allow you to further customise and add character to your armies.

What's more, if you have your order sent to your local Hobby Centre, we'll send it POST FREE!
Free painting & modelling advice

No matter what your level of painting or modelling skill, if you spend 30 minutes with one of our members of staff you will see those skills improved and might find out something you never knew.
Free gaming & tactics advice

All our staff are experienced gamers (after all it's what they do for a living!). They can give you sound tactical advice, help you build battle-winning armies and clear up most of your rules queries.
Beginners programme

Our special Beginners programme teaches you how to play and helps you take your first steps into the Games Workshop hobby. All you need to do is come along.





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