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Impressive leather, unique design, perfect finish, and excellent product quality are the hallmarks of the OCHNIK brand.

OCHNIK offers you a unique, exceedingly rich and original collection of leather jackets, coats and a range of leather accessories, including handbags, briefcases, travel bags, cases, wallets, gloves, and belts. See OCHNIK products at www.ochnik.com;

Collection for autumn-winter clothing 2012/13

The latest collection of the OCHNIK brand for the fall-winter 2012/13 season is all about delicate skins, soft furs with warm sheepskin coats, while at the same time adhering to luxurious fashions and original styles.

The fall-winter collection includes three women’s lines and two men’s lines, each of them

being completely unique.


The 24h / 7 line, has in its style, woven the drama of work and life, while including rhythm of passing hours. It is perfect for lazy mornings, lively afternoons and exciting evenings. The dynamics of life find a counterbalance in the form of simple, timeless, and gentle colors, which are pleasant in touch.

The soft furs bring a bit of extraordinaire to everyday life. 24h / 7 is the continuation of the spring line En mode created for the elegant woman, who likes classic forms, delicate, new cuts and original details that give the models a unique character. It is an original combination paired with convenience and functionality. Here you can find both a fur coat with the cool colors of winter, as well as a caramel beige coat. The range of products is complete, from long fur coats to coats trimmed with fur or wrapped around the hood.

MONOCHROMATIC POWER is a reference to the spring Lady Rebel, a line for strong and confident women with sex appeal. Echoes of the 80s are permeated by the sporty style, creating an energetic mix of attraction. The colors have been kept in shades of intriguing gray and sensual black. The flash of delicate sheep’s skins has been emphasized by the quilting and original stitching. The shimmering metal details intensify the glamour effect. The line is surprising and ambiguous and yet rich and luxurious. Short, shapely forms of leather jackets are found next to luxury fur coats, while the leather is combined with the stitching in pencil skirts and fashionable dresses. Kuse blazers from the evening line, sexy tops or lengthening leather pants are an important addition to a women’s wardrobe. Big fox caps, delicate leather gloves, and varnished bags will complement the image of a woman who conquers everything she sees.

WINTER IN THE WILD WEST is a line for women who hide their warrior hearts in the wilderness and are fashion revel. The naturalness of the colors goes hand in hand with the simplicity of finishes – the leathers are raw with earthy colors and uncomplicated forms. Short coats with large, warm collars, nomadic vests from pieces of multicolored fur, and jackets lined with fur, were created with for the woman who values an informal style with a mixture of glamour.


ITALIAN WALLSTREET is a geographical metamorphosis of the spring line, Central Park Look. The classic Wall street classic look was seasoned with a pinch of Italian flavor and this is how a spicy combination of timeless elegance and sport was created. For lovers of classics, who appreciate simplicity, the cuts, infinite blacks, as well as brown and matte leather. True connoisseurs of style can pick jackets with quilting elements, which are in shades of navy blue, gray and cold beige. For everyone looking for protection against winter cold, fur collar, wool lining and fleece liners are also part of the product line.

In the MOUNTAIN’S ARMY line, the freedom and non-committing slacks were inspired by military accents. Jackets and coats with the “pilot” style are the answer to men’s fashion, which comes back almost every autumn and winter season. You can also find models with aesthetics that fit into the casual trend, where the foundation is convenience and functionality. The weekend Woodcuter mini-line is inspired by the smells and sounds of a bustling forest. All of this whole is complemented by the coloring of the line, where black, burnt browns, grays and beige play the leading role.