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I created ARENART, a Polish jewelry brand originating from a family jewelry business founded in 1989 by my parents. I was driven by the desire to create diamond jewelry for everyone. During this time, together with my entire team - many wonderful people. We learned together, to listen to our customers and gain their trust. Designing high-quality jewelry unparalleled and in limited collections, we have become a jeweler recognized for exceptional precious products.

The passion of my life is development and travel, which stimulate me constantly to create jewelry. From each trip I bring back inspiration for creative design and action.

Sentence, which is the keynote of our company, is full of words- We love to be with you. according to it ,we act and create jewelryevery day . We are by our customers' side in the most wonderful moments of life, during engagement, wedding, birth of a child, words of love. Sharing beautiful good energy encapsulated in small jewelry keepsakes is our mission.

We love to be by your side

Renata Brzozowska

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