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Opening hours

Pn - Pt: 9:00 - 22:00

Sobota: 9:00 - 22:00

Niedziela: 9:00 - 21:00


Telefon 22 222 01 31

COSTA COFFEE is the first coffeehouse chain to fully control the coffee preparation process, from sourcing the beans, through their composition and special slow-roasting process, to the master preparation of coffee by our baristas. All coffees are prepared from the legendary Mocha Italia blend. COSTA COFFEE's history dates back to 1971 when Italian brothers Bruno and Sergio Costa created their own, unique blend of Mocha Italia coffee and thus started operations in Great Britain under the name COSTA. The exact recipe for Mocha Italia is a closely guarded secret. The beans are roasted using the slow roasting method, which results in a fuller aroma and deeper flavour. COSTA COFFEE criteria are extremely strict, as only 1% of coffee produced worldwide meets the company's quality requirements.
COSTA COFFEE is a new quality. It is a perfect breakfast menu, crispy, fresh and healthy baguettes. These are oven-prepared lunch meals. These are delicious quiches for busy people and low-calorie mini-salads for those watching their weight. In COSTA COFFEE cafes our Guests will find their favourite coffee drinks, among others, all CHAI Latte (Turtle, Tiger, Orca), Strawberry Extreme, Mango Delight and Very Wild Berry, iced latte, White Chocolate Mocha, as well as Sticky Toffee Cooler.
COSTA COFFEE means qualified baristas and friendly atmosphere. It's a place for a nice pause during the day and a new quality of your favourite coffee.

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