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In Zlote Tarasy opened the only flagship store of CROCS in Warsaw. It is here is the largest selection of shoes of this brand, the best promotions. With the new collection of fabulous colors appeared in our latest global trends.
What we put on our feet is very important. Feet are sensitive, require care. Only high quality shoes allow you to get a guarantee of health. Therefore, choosing the right shoes should be a priority.
The advantage of Crocs shoes is an amazing, almost cosmic appearance, a huge selection of colors, but above all, comfort and multifunctionality. The material from which the shoes are manufactured is PCCR (proprietary closed cell resign), with resin properties on which CROCS has exclusive. This makes these shoes adapt perfectly to your feet. In addition, they have other amazing properties - they are very light (one pair of shoes Crocs Cayman weighs about 160 grams), orthopedically designed, healthy for the feet and spine, durable and very easy to clean (they are washed with soap and water). They are antibacterial and do not emit unpleasant smells, they can be easily refreshed with disinfectant liquid, they do not scratch the floor. It is difficult to look for such shoes anywhere else.

Good shoes also mean exceptional durability. Shoes offered by us are characterized by extremely high quality. Having them on your feet you do not have to be afraid of any surprises. That is why Crocs shoes are very popular in markets on all continents.

Level 2