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Level 0, -1
Local 026, -021
Opening hours

09:00 00:00


Telefon 22 222 07 00

E-mail warsaw@hardrockcafe.pl

We would like to invite you to the first in Central Europe restaurant of the worldwide Hard Rock Cafe chain, which is a specific ambassador of rock, good taste and unrestrained freedom. The 1000 meter restaurant is divided into two levels, which contain the restaurant, hard rock shop, two cocktail bars, stage and museum of rock music (on the walls of the premises). The heart of the restaurant is the lower level, where very good food is served, based mainly on American and Mexican cuisine, taking into account tastes of carnivores and vegetarians, and - most importantly - sticking to hard rock standards.

At both bars you can choose from a wide range of cocktails, whiskeys and wines, served with precision and passion. Hard Rock Cafe owes its success and uniqueness to people who create and work in this place. It's worth to come and see with your own eyes why Hard Rock Cafe is making such a furore in the world.


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