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The joy of building. The passion of creation.
Recalling thoughts from our childhood, what do we remember most fondly? - The endless fun with LEGO bricks!
Visiting the LEGO store in Złote Tarasy you will go back to those most beautiful moments every time.
In the LEGO store in Złote Tarasy you will find a full and up-to-date offer of world famous LEGO bricks.

For the youngest.
We offer a wide range of safe LEGO Duplo bricks for children aged from one and a half to five years. There are dozens of themed sets available - something suitable for every toddler.

For school age children.
Slightly older children will feel like in paradise. Both lovers of building a town with LEGO City bricks, enthusiasts of creating vehicles, planes, castles, pirate islands and all other constructions will find here their dream set of bricks. There are also sets for LEGO Star Wars fans and popular action figures. The shop offers several hundred products for both boys and girls.

For the older ones.
In the store's offer you can also find LEGO Technic bricks, which will allow to bring to life the built constructions and vehicles with the use of motors and pneumatic booms.
For advanced robotics enthusiasts we offer real LEGO Mindstorms robot with accessories!

For the whole family.
The offered LEGO games will provide great entertainment for the whole family for many hours - both at home and on the go.

For enthusiasts.
Apart from the sets from our current catalogue, the LEGO store in Złote Tarasy offers unique and collectible sets, as well as lots of gadgets and accessories from the world of LEGO bricks.

We invite you!
Visit the LEGO store in Zlote Tarasy and find something for yourself. Our professional and friendly staff will help you to choose the right gift for every occasion.

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