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Telefon 22 222 03 54

Women around the world choose Triumph not only for its great workmanship, fit and innovation, but also for how they feel when they wear Triumph products: fashionable, confident and sexy.
Attention to detail, wholehearted commitment and constant inspiration enable the brand to create lingerie that appeals to women of all ages.

The brand's portfolio includes a wide selection of daywear, nightwear and swimwear to meet the tastes and needs of all women.
An exciting new line, Triumph Essence, The Luxury Collection, showcases the brand's more than
125 years of the brand's commitment to Great Fashion designs, selecting the most exquisite materials, pleasing accents and incredible attention to detail.
Younger women will opt for the trendy and fresh Miss Triumph models, while ladies who prefer timeless elegance and comfort will prefer the tried-and-tested Classics by Triumph cuts.
Triaction line includes innovative models for women practicing every kind of sport, and Mamabel is a collection providing comfortable solutions meeting the needs of nursing mothers.

By tailoring models for women of all ages, sizes and nationalities, and nurturing young designers by offering exciting opportunities, Triumph is a true leader in all its endeavours.

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