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Are you wondering why the taste of KFC chickens is so unique? Why can’t other chickens compare to KFC?

Our story begins with the passion of cooking. From the belief that when it comes to taste, there is no room for compromise. That was the rule that Harland Sanders was guided by when in 1930 he opened his first restaurant in Kentucky in the USA.

The passion of cooking led him to an extraordinary discovery. After 10 years of searching and culinary experiments, he created a unique COMBINATION of 11 HERBS and SPICES. It is thanks to this unique blend of spices that the taste of the chicken he made became famous, first among travelers visiting his restaurant and later around the world.

Today, there are over 16,000 KFC restaurants in 109 countries, 157 of them in Poland.

In all our restaurants, we follow the rules of preparing chicken created over 70 years ago by Colonel Sanders. Our first secret is: FRESH CHICKEN is delivered to the restaurant several times a week.

Secondly: the chicken is seasoned just before serving, prepared in accordance with the recipe, whose composition is one of the most valuable secrets in the world. Our principle is those good ingredients are the basis of good taste, that’s why we only work with the best local suppliers.

The world around us changes every day, but our secret batter and the rules of making chicken remain the same. That’s why our chickens have such a unique flavor.